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Want to keep Alzheimer"s at bay for years - ideally, forever? Prevention is the way, and this is the guide. Now in paperback and updated throughout, "The Alzheimer"s Prevention Program" is essential for everyone with a family history of Alzheimer"s, and for the 80 million baby boomers who worry when..
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A work of pure obsession, AMAZING COWS! celebrates cows and offbeat cowness with a miscellany of cow stories, cow poems, cow jokes, cow songs, cow games, cow comics, plus lively guest appearances by ducks, hippos, pigs, and excessive numbers of chickens. There are songs: "It Had to Be Moo." Games: "..
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It was love at first sight. Amid the frenzied barking and prancing of a house full of Great Danes, one pup was shivering in the corner. Gracie. But when Dan Dye reached her, she struggled to her feet like a clumsy foal, raised her forehead to his, and announced, as clearly as if she had actually spo..
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What do Poached Eggs in Asparagus Nests, Shallot Vinaigrette and Farfalle and Cauliflower with Onions and Bread Crumbs have in common? Asparagus, shallots and onions (along with leeks, garlic, chives and more) are all part of the botanical family Liliacea. These botanical cousins are the building bl..
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Many of today's parents feel as helpless as a child when it comes to comforting their own children through the fears and crises that are a part of growing up. But Australian psychologist Doris Brett has developed a simple technique that all parents can use to help their children work through a probl..
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Required reading from great poets of our time. Drew Barrymore: "Upon Pondering Breasts." Tom Cruise: "An Exegesis on Psychiatry." Ann Coulter: "My Kind of Fun." And Trump and Sheen and Snooki, John Boehner and Michelle Bachman, Miley and Ke$ha. Hugo Chavez. Even a Zen haiku by Emmitt Smith: I think ..
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Celebrating the collectible - that 20th century object that brings with it less monetary value than passion, nostalgia, quirky appear, and just plain pleasure - ANTIQUES ROADSHOW COLLECTIBLES focuses on 12 major areas that inspire both the thrill of the chase and the thrill of discovery: furniture, ..
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Fresh on the heels of his successful "10 Button Book," inspired folk artist and author William Accorsi is back from his enchanted workshop with a unique interactive board book."Apple, Apple, Alligator" is an illustrated, full-color storybook with a twist-nestled in the cover are chunky puzzle pieces..
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Procrastination - just about everyone has struggled with it. This charming, highly readable book by an internationally recognised Stanford philosopher offers a new outlook: instead of focusing on your deficits, recognise the myriad things that you do accomplish while avoiding "the important project...
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Sun Tzu's 2,500-year-oldThe Art of War is a classic among classics: The original take on game-theory, Machiavellian centuries before Machiavelli, it is a timeless manifesto of effective strategy. Tens of thousands of copies of dozens of editions are sold each year; it's mandatory reading in colleges..
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Maggie Glezer, the uniquely qualified, totally obsessed certified bread baker who teaches and writes about bread for both laypeople and professionals, set off across the country in pursuit of the best breads and best bakers in America. And she returned with the goods--impeccable recipes that reprodu..
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Despite our growing kitchen savvy, many Americans still find French food too intimidating, too time-consuming, and too complicated. Richard Grausman, a well-known teacher of French cooking, has had a long-time mission to dispel this fear and make French cooking accessible and understandable to the A..
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