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Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781844037636
Never before have so many bicycles been profiled within one beautifully illustrated volume. 1001 Bikes to Dream of Riding Before You Die explores in detail the greatest bikes of all time and from across the globe: from the early historic velocipedes of the 1890s to the arrival of today's standard up..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781844037643
Gourmets with an appetite for good food in gorgeous settings will find their taste buds tingling in anticipation as they flick through the pages of this book. The eateries listed here come from around the world and range from beloved, local institutions-favorite spots for family celebrations-to eleg..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780857833075
From the author of 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, which has fast become a go-to book for children and parents alike, comes this excellent new volume full of creative (and occasionally crazy) ideas for things to do when the weather is bad and you're stuck inside - without having to go any where n..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780857834522
In this hilariously out-dated guide, originally published in 1936, Hugh Morris expounds on this wonderful ritual. It's all about why people kiss, preparing for a kiss, the thrills of naughty kissing games, not to mention how to put variety into your kissing. There are instructions on the French Soul..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781856269261
A practical guide to ensuring success in the garden, Sowing, Planting, Watering and Feeding shows that there is more to gardening than putting a seed in the soil and watching it grow. Bob Flowerdew draws on his 30 years of experience to lead you, step-by-step, through the process of preparing for, p..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780753728239
Night after night, the young men, some just out of school, went off on sorties, having pushed to the back of their minds the unpalatable awareness that they might never see another dawn. If death did not find them in the first few terrifying sorties they grew up very quickly in order to fight anothe..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781845335618
In The Book of Time we see how philosophers, religions and scientists have tried to explain time as everything from a perfect cycle to ever-increasing chaos. We see how time works in the natural world and in our own bodies and minds, and how we've tried to measure it - first with calendars, then wit..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780857833594
Bountiful Kitchen shows how you can develop and transform leftover meals into a variety of separate and delicious dishes. Start with a master recipe based on one main ingredient and then turn the leftovers into interesting new dishes - saving time and money. Cook mouthwatering Roast Chicken with Pan..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780857833303
Ever lusted for an intricate braid, but just can't figure out how? Thanks to The Braid Book, now you can! Founders of The Braid Bar Sarah Hiscox and Willa Burton show you how to style intricate braids in your own hair or a friend's, with a choice of designs from a plaited halo or an elaborate fishta..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781845333225
What s in the Attic explains, with the assistance of hundreds of illustrations and invaluable advice from a team of experts, how to tell if an item is an antique,valuable, or rare. This easy-to-follow book includes all the essential information needed to determine if an item is an antique. The Mark..
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