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Abcs at the Park (Everyday Alphabet)

Abcs at the Park (Everyday Alphabet)
Abcs at the Park (Everyday Alphabet)
Each book in this series presents the alphabet from A to Z using words connected with familiar subjects that are part of young children's everyday lives. This book looks at the park, and each page presents a new letter of the alphabet alongside a park-related word beginning with that letter. Each photo is also accompanied by a caption providing a fun or interesting park fact. A design feature showing the whole alphabet with the relevant letter highlighted runs throughout the book, allowing the reader to see the whole alphabet at once and get a sense of where each letter sits in relation to the letters around it.
Book Type and Author
Author Rebecca Rissman
Book Type Paperback / softback
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  • Model: 9781410947352
  • ISBN: 9781410947352

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