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German Bombers Over England : 1940-1944

German Bombers Over England : 1940-1944
German Bombers Over England : 1940-1944
'German Bombers over England' is a unique and valuable pictorial guide to Germany's bomber force. The author has drawn on his own archive to present rare pictures of the German bombers and their crew, while detailed captions examine their role in preparations for Operation Sea Lion in 1940 through to the very last V1 and V2 rocket bomb missions in the closing stages of the war. AUTHOR: Manfred Griehl is a respected historian with a unique photographic archive, specializing in Luftwaffe operations of World War II. His books include German Bombers over Russia and German Elite Pathfinders. SELLING POINTS: Photographic guide to German bombing operations over England Contains images not usually found in other sources With a detailed introduction by an aviation specialist Looks at the men who flew the aircraft and their ground crews Covers day and night bombing raids over London, attacks on key British ports, low- level cross-Channel raids on coastal targets, and VI and V2 rocket bomb missions Includes German He111s, Ju 88s, Do 217s and ME410s and Do217s
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