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Gilbert and Ellis Islands - Pacific War

Gilbert and Ellis Islands - Pacific War
Gilbert and Ellis Islands - Pacific War
This classic Images of War book covers the dramatic events that befell both the Gilbert and Ellis Pacific island groups using a wealth of well-captioned photos and informed text. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the Gilbert Islands were occupied by the Japanese who built a seaplane base at Butaritari. In August 1942 this base was attacked by the US 2nd Raider Battalion (Carlson's Raiders). As a result the base was reinforced and a second built at Apamana. Betio Island on the Tarawa Atoll became the main Japanese strong point. Operation Galvanic, the US assault on Butarita, Apamana and Betio, was launched in November 1943 by the 2nd Marine Division and the 27th Infantry Division. While short in duration, the Betio battle has the dubious distinction of being the most costly in US Marine Corps history. Thanks to the author's in depth knowledge and access to superb contemporary images, this book will be of particular interest and value to historians and laymen. AUTHOR: Jim Moran is a Yorkshireman who has pursued a career as a civil engineering surveyor working on major projects, both in the UK and overseas. Jim is an expert on the history of the United States Marine Corps and a member of many US Marine associations. He has assisted Hollywood productions on uniform and equipment details including Flags of our Fathers, The Pacific (HBO mini-series) and Windtalkers. His contribution to the Corps was acknowledged in June 2018 when he made a US Honorary Marine. His numerous published works include US Marine Corps Uniforms and Equipment in World War 2 and US Marine Corps Women's Reserve - They are Marines (both Front Line Books, 2018)
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