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Arctic: Treasure of the North

Arctic: Treasure of the North
Arctic: Treasure of the North
At first glance the Arctic is a desolate wilderness made of ice and snow. But in fact this "Treasure Chamber of the North" is one of the most multifaceted regions and an animal kingdom. People that wanted to settle there really accomplished something special. Nature photographer Bernd Rommelt was travelling there for five years. He captured the Arctic's beauty, its secrets and unique phenomena in his awesome illustrations. As one of the first photographers, he visited all neighbouring countries: The United States, Canada, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Russia. Together Thomas Henningsen and Bernd Rommelt emphasise the fact that this unrivalled diversity today is more endangered than ever and therefore has to be protected by every nation.
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Author Thomas Henningsen
Book Type Hardback
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Height 240
Width 297
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