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Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti

Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti
Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti
This new publication is the third in Blue Book's Italian Master Engravers series! Giancarlo and Stefano Pedretti are a father and son team of engravers who specialize in animals, hunting scenes, and gold inlays. This new book features fabulous full color images of their best engravings! From their studio in Gardone, Val Trompia, they create modern masterpieces, completely by hand, for those who desire the very best in ornamental and game scene engraving. Their pioneering work in bulino realism has helped take the engraving craft into the realm of fine art it is known as today. Giancarlo began his engraving career at Beretta as an apprentice during the summer of 1960 at the age of 13. His father and uncles also worked for Beretta and young Giancarlo studied under the Master Engraver Tononcelli for three years. During 1979, he became a completely independent engraver, able to take commissions from customers directly. Stefano followed somewhat in his father's footsteps, but initially wanted to be an artist, and attended the Caravaggio School of Art in Brescia to sharpen his drawing skills. During this period, he worked for his dad, learning to cut ornamentation, and it didn't hurt to be surrounded by other Master Engravers from Val Trompia. After an 8 month "apprenticeship program" for his dad, Stefano finished his first bulino game scene on a knife, and Studio Pedretti was born.
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