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Animal Embroideries and Patterns

Animal Embroideries and Patterns
Animal Embroideries and Patterns
The discovery of the Nowotny collection in Vienna brings us a collection that is unique both in quality and quantity of the patterns. It is also a comprehensive record of some of the most refined and elegant creations of the 19th century. In the history of embroidery, the 19th century occupies a very special place. Not only did it coincide with the most popular period in this time-honoured art but it also happened to be the century in which embroidery gave full expression to the ideal of femininity. This work compliments "Embroideries and Patterns of Nineteenth Century Vienna", Serena's first publication concerning the Nowotny Collection. Like its counterpart, "Animal Embroideries and Patterns" surveys samplers, motifs and decorative patterns, but focuses solely on animal patterns.
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Author Raffaella Serena
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