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From Zero to Rock Hero

From Zero to Rock Hero
From Zero to Rock Hero

Aspiring rock heroes have the answer to their prayers in this unique condensed guide to learning the essential tools and tricks that rock guitarists normally take years to perfect. It' s a crash course designed to take you from complete beginner to hot rock guitarist ready to take to the stage in record-breaking time.

No longer do you have to struggle through endless exercises and infantile tunes - this six-week fun workout programme will soon get you riffing, soloing and rocking out like an experienced axe-man!

Crucial basic aspects of playing are applied to fun musical examples in the styles of the greats such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, and Metallica. With the help of an accompanying CD, build up a solid repertoire of both classic and modern-day rock songs and become the next guitar idol.

About the author
Owen Edwards is a guitar teacher and performing musician. He has taught in schools as well as rock workshops and master classes throughout the UK. Owen is the editor of the renowned All Out Guitar online magazine. He is also one of the founders of the worldwide Guitar Idol competitions that have attracted the next generation of guitar idols. Owen lives in Cambridgeshire.

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