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Small Livestock Housing

Small Livestock Housing
Small Livestock Housing
Anyone who is interested in keeping birds, poultry and other outdoor varieties of caged animal will know that the most expensive part of their hobby is probably purchasing the housing. However, for a modest financial outlay it is possible to make your own livestock housing and this practical book shows you exactly how to do it. What sets the book apart from others is that the author has taken the time to try his own ideas out. He has actually built all the housing projects that are described and has taken photographs at the important stages of construction. The ethos of this book is that simplicity of design is the key to helping most readers to have a go. The projects include a chicken house, a chicken run, a dog kennel, a bantam house, a dovecote, a rabbit hutch, an aviary, a ferret hutch, a brooder box, a duck house, a goose hut and a quail cage. All of the projects are explained in a consistent fashion and the text is fully supported by diagrams and colour photos. AUTHOR Joe Jacobs obtained an undergraduate degree in marine engineering before joining the Royal Navy. After leaving the military he never intended to become a farmer, but he and his wife found themselves with a smallholding, which set them on a journey into the unknown. Joe's engineering background, and his ability to turn his hand to a number of tasks, has stood him in good stead as a farmer. He now has a pig farm where he works full-time and writes farming DIY-related books and magazine articles. SALES A useful, no-nonsense guide on how to construct small livestock housing aimed at farmers, smallholders, backyard poultry keepers and garden farmers. Brimming with tips and advice There are many projects to try All the materials are listed and the step-by-step approach guides the reader through each stage of construction Fully illustrated with photos and diagrams ILLUSTRATIONS 80 colour photos and 31 diagrams
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