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Welding gives practical instruction on joining metals, whatever the task at hand. It explains a range of techniques from soft soldering though to TIG and gas welding, as well as introducing alternative methods and advice on the importance of safety. User-friendly, quick guide to identifying the technique right for your job Authoritative introduction to each technique, accompanied by beginner's notes Full account of MIG welding, the ideal choice for car repairers and restorers Clear explanations to the scientific processes at work Specific advice on creating joints using a range of popular techniques Areas covered include Plumbing Model engineering Vehicle repair and restoration Jewellery and silver smithing Horology Metal sculpture Set design AUTHOR Martin Thaddeus worked for twenty-five years in restoration. His son Ed has repaired a wife variety of vehicles. They have collaborated on many articles for Practical Classics magazine. SELLING POINTS A practical guide to welding giving instruction on joining metals an essential addition to any metalworkers Explains soft soldering, TIG and gas welding, MIG welding as well as alternative methods A wide range of areas are covered by welding including plumbing and model engineering to vehicle repair and jewellery making Superbly illustrated ILLUSTRATIONS 405 colour
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