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The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred, as two teens search for truth on islands in opposite hemispheres...

Fourteen-year-old Madison Prescott is convinced her dead mother's griffin medallion has mysterious powers. How else can she explain her sudden, baffling ability to complete Mr Manfield's complicated maths equations?

She is equally sure someone else is visiting her mother's abandoned Tower. Or is it more than one person?

She is also aware of the uncanny parallels between her life and that of Skyla Hawke; the astral-travelling heroine in her mother's unfinished manuscript. Afterall, finding that injured hawk could hardly be an accident...

What Maddie doesn't know yet is that in three years' time she will impulsively create a deadly virus that will threaten to destroy Skyla's world and her loved ones. Does a prophesy hold the key to a cure? 

The Island Legacy trilogy explores the meaning of reality, of love and friendship and particularly identity, with a focus on emotional and mental health, in an unapologetically forthright way. Peppered with intriguing layers of magic and mysticism, it is thought provoking and highly engaging beautiful work for adults, as well as those who are struggling with coming of age. It is impossible to put down, or to forget.

Three books in one:

The Falconer's Daughter

Griffin's Mantle

Victoria's Folly

Book Type and Author
Author NK Ashworth
Book Type Paperback
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Height 230mm
Weight 720g
Width 150mm
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