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Summer by Cao Wenxuan

Summer by Cao Wenxuan
Summer by Cao Wenxuan
In the hot summer sun a group of animals are eagerly looking for a shady place to rest. The animals quarrel for a spot under a tree, until finally, the elephant wins. But when they look again, the tree is dying and has only a few leaves left. Just then, they see a father and son crossing the wasteland. The father's shadow is like a canopy over the little boy...and the animals are intrigued...
Cao Wenxuan is the Winner of Hans Christian Andersen Award 2016

"Summer portrays the attributes of empathy, co-operation and inquiry through the use of rich language which is reminiscent of a poetry format. Children will be able to appreciate the changes in the environment while exploring the science concepts of sun and shadows. Yu Rong has incorporated traditional Chinese hand cut paper art techniques with colourful drawings and visually pleasing backgrounds. Some of the pages have been cleverly cut and layered to enhance the experience and unveiling of the story." - Alison Hewett, Head of Library Services for Kristin School.

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